2019   Inclusion in The International Encyclopedia Of Surrealism. Text by Dawn Ades and Michael Richardson (2000 words) Volume ll  pages 301 - 305, images  Volume lll Contemporary Surrealism

2017   Selected for the project How to Make an Archive Travel?  by Women's Art Library (WAL), Goldsmiths, University of London, led by Dr Ana-Maria Herman. Funded by Women's Art Library, Goldsmith's Research Development Funds (GIG) and Goldsmiths' Public Engagement Grants. 

2010   Residency and exhibition The Spaces of the Unconscious at the Freud Museum, London, linking Freud, Surrealism and my investigations into the unconscious. Funding:  Henry Moore Foundation & Norwich University College of the Arts. Curated by Krzysztof Fijalkowski. Catalogue, text by Michael  Richardson and Krzysztof Fijalkowski. Supporting conference The Spaces of the Unconscious and film premiere Surviving Life directed by Jan Svankmajer.

2009   Supporting a residency to explore automatism, exhibition Hearts & Bones at The School Creative Centre, Rye. Private funding.

2007 and 2005 Exhibitions at West Dean Estate, 5th and 4th International Symposiums on Surrealism, funded by AHRC Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies.

2001   Selected and funded by KCC Arts & Libraries to take part in Animation & Video Workshop.

2000   Selected: one of four contemporary artists to make new work for the project Valley of Vision: Samuel Palmer & The Ancients Revisited, funded by KCC and SEArts. 

1999   Selected by SEArts to have work on AXIS National Database.

1998 Cross-Regional Grant to support two exhibitions in Prague, Vnitrni Kontinent/Inside Continent, (solo) and Svatokradez/Sacrilege (group) funded by South East Arts.


1987 moved to England from South Africa


1980 - 1982 Michael Pettit School of Art, Cape Town

1977 - 1979 Natal University, 7/10 credits. Major: English Literature 

1966 - 1969 Foundation and Fine Art Diploma, Natal College of Art (Natal College for Advanced Technical Education), Durban 





2016    Detour: Cyclists Dismount  Fundacion Eugenio Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2011    Mapping Memory  Easton Rooms, Rye Gallery, Rye

2010    The Spaces of the Unconscious  Residency and Installation, Freud Museum,

            London, curated by Krzysztof Fijalkowski 

2007    Response (Hidden Myth)  Maidstone Library & Gallery, KCC Arts and Libraries

2006    Mostly Mud  Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

2005    The Clarity of Mud  4th International Symposium on Surrealism, West Dean Estate

            AHRC Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies

2005    Beneath the Tide  Easton Rooms, Rye Art Gallery,Rye, Sussex

2001    Dream Game  Rye Art Gallery, Rye

2000    Dream Logic  Sevenoaks Library Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent

1999    Vnitni Kontinent - Inside Continent  Galerie Vysehrad, Prague, Czech Republic

1996    Game 1  Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells. Programme with Conroy Maddox



2019    Chaos is my Friend, HAF Hastings, curator Lesley Barker

2018    Le Collage Surréaliste en 2018  Mooring Gallery, 88 rue des Rosiers, Paris also Maison André

            Breton, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, The Paris Surrealist Group & l'Association la Rose Impossible

            Little Shop of Magic 2 Centre Space Gallery, Spode Works, Stoke-on-Trent, W Steventon

            Stains & Traces IV  Hastings Arts Forum, curated by Sally Meakins. Also 2017, 2016, 2014.

2017    Surrealist Murmurations, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, curated by J Welson & J Richardson

            In The Light Of Surrealism II  HAF Hastings, curated by Jo Welsh. Also 2013.

            The Archaeology of Hope Hope Beach, Shanklin, Isle of White, curated by M Fluin & P Cowdell

            How to Make an Archive Travel? Women's Art Library (WAL), Goldsmiths University, London

2016    At The Light of the Glazed Castle CAE, Figueira da Foz, Portugal, curated by Rik Lina &

            Miguel de Carvalho

2015    Little Shop of Magic curated by Wedgwood Steventon, Gallery 116, Stoke

            Once Upon A Time In Hastings 3 person exhibition HAF, Hastings

2014    Recreating Memory Hastings Arts Forum

            The Hunt For The Object Of Desire  Galerie ESPACE, Montreal, Quebec

2013    Perma Culture with Styx publishers Swedish National Gallery, Stockholm

            Levitandum  2 person exhibition, Gallery Arkitektvägen 44, Stockholm

            Domestic Disturbance  International Women’s Day The School Creative Centre, Rye

2012    Free For All: automatism  Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent          

            Other Air  The Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists 1990-2011 Old Town City Hall, Prague                     Surrealism in 2012:  toward the world of the 5th sun  Cohen Gallery, Goggle Works

            Centre for the Arts, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

2011    Beta Sevenoaks  Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent

2010    Women in Surrealism  Museo de la Soliaridad, University of Chile, Santiago 

            Festival of Sound  Fylkingen, Stockholm. Collaboration with Johannes Bergmark

2009    Hearts and Bones  supporting residency (automatism) and exhibition The School Creative

            Centre, Rye

            El Umbral Secreto  Museo de la Solidaridad Dalvador Allende University of Chile

            Iluminações Descontinuas  Convento de Sã José, Lagoa, Portugal

2008    O Reverso Do Olhar  Casa Municipal da Cultura, Coimbra, Portuga   

            The World is a Terrible Natural History  Pisek City Museum, Pisek, Czech Republic

            As Far As My Legs Can Carry Me  Terezin Memorial Museum, Czech Republic.

2007    Natural Order: Art, Science & The Clarity of Mud  5th International  Symposium on Surrealism

            Sussex Barn Gallery, West Dean Estate, AHRC

            Postcards to Mario Cesariny  Museum Municipal Prof. J. Vermelho,  Estremoz, Portugal

2005    Profane Revelation  Fundacion Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2003    Art of the Imagination  Cork Sreet, London, also in 2002 and 1999

2002    Étoile Aux Trois Cristaux  Maison Communale d’ Evere, Brussels

2000    English Surrealists  Kabinet Hendrik Beekman, Murrum, Netherlands

            Eveil Paradoxal  Biennale de Conches, Maison des Arts, France

            La Parenté n’est pas Héréditaire  Ostraske Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

1999    Svatokradez: (Sacrilege; the magical against the real)  Salmovsky Palace, Prague

1997    Celebrating Scotland–Africa  Society of Scottish Artists. Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

1996    Hourglass 10th Anniversary  Espace UVA, Paris

1995    Die Galerie, Die Künstler, Das Überraschungesel  Galerie 13, Hannover, Germany.

            British Surrealism 1935-1995  England & Co, London

1995    Curiouser & Curiouser   Hourglass,  Espace UVA,  Paris

            Fantasy  15 British women artists selected by W.A.L. The Cultural Foundation, Abu

            Dhabi  The Woman’s Club, United Arab Emirates and Isis Gallery, Hadleigh, UK

1994    Einbeinges Pferd Entlaufen  Galerie13 ,Hannover

1993    Der Ameisengel in der Blütenpress Galerie 13, Hannover

            Le Labyrinthe des Songes  3  person  exhibition, Espace UVA, Paris

            Labyrinth  Museum Zielona Gora  -  Poznan  Zoologischer  Garten (Poland)  -  Galerie 13, 


1992    Art in Boxes  England & Co, London  + 20th Century British Arts Fair, London

            Weitläufige Reichweite  2 person exhibition , Galerie 13, Hannover

            Déciphrage  2  Galerie 13,  Hannover

1991    Distance intime  Galerie Neuf, Paris





           Books/Writings: Crítiques & Images

2019   The International Encyclopedia of The Surrealism: edited by Michael Richardson, Dawn Ades,

           Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Steven Harris, Georges Sebbag, Bloomsbury  Publishing

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           My Space Kathleen Fox:  Luca Yang  (contributing editor World Art Magazine, Shangai  我的空间

           My Space ( 凯瑟琳·福克斯,遁入生命的潜意识房间 )

           Less of that W or I’ll Z You, John Hartley Williams, Surrealist Editions

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           Stephen Clark, Manticore

1996   Contrary to Expectations: Notes on Surrealism in England with an overview of some of it’s

           current practitioners: Barbara Heins and Michael Richardson

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           Einbeinges Pferd en Tlaufen, Rainer Wichering, Galerie 13, Hannover

1993   Der Ameisnigel in der Blütenpresse, Rainer Wichering, Hannover, Germany



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Investigations, Enquiries & Games 

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© Kathleen Fox Photography.